Sea 2 Sky Electrical & Solar is a leading installer of quality solar power systems across the Snowy Monaro Region and one of the Clean Energy Council members. Over the last few years, our customers have benefited from investing in our solar panel solutions. At Sea 2 Sky we only use the most reliable brands of components, from Australian suppliers, including panels and inverters paired with our high-quality service. All our solar installations are installed by fully licensed and insured electricians and accredited CEC (Clean Energy Council) installers. All of our installs are also fully compliant with the Australian Standards and the Clean Energy Council guidelines.

Any company can sell a residential solar power package, but the fact is: no NSW home or family is the same — and neither is your electricity usage. Before we even start to talk to you about our products, we begin by auditing your household’s personal needs by analysing:

  • Daily energy requirements.
  • Household peak usage times.
  • Likelihood of future change.
  • The clients allowed budget.
  • The payback period for the installation.

Grid Connect Systems

These systems are the most common and allow daytime house loads to be supplied by a PV Array rather than the grid. Any excess power from the array is typically fed back into grid for approximately 10c per KWh. These systems are ideal for buildings that consume the majority of their energy during the day as they do not assist with offsetting grid usage at night.

Battery Storage systems

Adding a battery to your solar system is one way to use more of the solar you generate. A solar battery lets you store the surplus electricity your panels create, so you can use it later in the day, and can, in fact almost double how much solar you use. Figures from the Climate Council show that adding a 4kWh battery to a 5kW residential solar system can increase the amount of self-generated solar electricity a household consumes from 30% to 60%.

Other benefits of battery backup power is the emergency back-up functionality. This will allow the home power devices connected to this circuit – usually fridges, lights and a few dedicated power outlets – to continue running off the batteries and/or solar panels for the blackout period. This sort of backup is likely to be the most popular, sensible and affordable option for homes around Australia, as running an entire household on a battery bank will quickly drain them.


Stand Alone Power Systems

Also called Off Grid or Remote Area Power Systems, these power stations are ideal for buildings were power is not available, power is too expensive to connect, or purely to be completely independent of the grid and generate your own power.

The rapid technological advances in Off Grid Solar Power Systems and significantly reduced pricing in solar panels has now enabled living independently off the electricity grid to be more affordable than ever before. Off Grid or Stand alone Power Systems can now be amortised within a decade and with rapidly rising electricity prices and the shift to renewable energy, they are now a very feasible alternative to connecting mains power to your home.

Solar Pumping Systems

A typical solar powered pumping system consists of a solar panel array that powers an electric motor. This, in turn powers a bore or surface pump. The water pumps from the ground or stream into a storage tank that provides a gravity feed, so energy storage is unnecessary for these systems.
  • Pump water from a new or existing bore with a Solar powered submersible pump.
  • Convert a broken down windmill to a Solar pump.
  • Install Solar surface pumps for water transfer.
  • Convert an existing mains powered pump to Solar Power with AC Pump Drives.
  • Save on swimming pool running costs with Solar Pool Pumps.
  • Change from Diesel Generator to Solar powered pumps.
  • Pump with Solar power from Rivers, Creeks or Dams.
Solar Pump

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